Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing says morning like Cinnamon Rolls. Just the right blend of cinnamon brown sugar filling, together with tender golden dough and a sweet honey glaze. Right out of the package, they’re the perfect anytime snack. Warmed in the microwave, they’re perfection. Choose honey-glazed or topped with cream cheese icing-then, try closing your eyes while you enjoy the two-bite® taste.

two-bite® Cinnamon Rolls Snack Pack

Delicious mini cinnamon rolls, packaged up in a perfect grab and go individual sized bag.  Now you can enjoy them anywhere.

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two-bite Cinnamon Roll Packaging

two-bite® Cinnamon Roll 12 Pack

Our mini cinnamon rolls are layered with real cinnamon and baked to a golden brown. Have one, or have many!

Product Information
Cinnamon Rolls Packaging