Party Platters

Looking for the perfect way to share you’re favorite bite size treats, try one of our two-bite® Party Platters! Enjoy sixteen of your favorite two-bite® brownies or tarts and be the ultimate host of any party with this convenient treat. Whether it’s Valentine’s, Halloween, or even Christmas, two-bite® party platters are an entertainment ready solution for all occasions.

two-bite® Brownies Autumn Leaves Party Platter

Fudgy and moist two-bite brownies® topped with autumn coloured frosting.

Product Information
(09253 CDN) - TB Autumn Brownie Party Platter

two-bite® Brownies – Cream Cheese Frosting Party Platter

Moist and fudgy two-bite® brownies topped with a rich cream cheese frosting.

Product Information
(09249 CDN) - TB Cream Cheese Frosting Brownie Party Platter

Two-Bite® Unicorn Brownies Party Platter

Fudgy two-bite brownies with a blue and pink icing swirl topped with colorful star sprinkles.

Product Information
(09268 CDN) - TB Unicorn Brownie Platter

two-bite brownies® Red Velvet Party Platter

Delicious red velvet brownies topped with cream cheese icing and red velvet cake crumble.

Product Information
(09988 US) - TB Red Velvet Brownie Party Platter

two-bite brownies® with Pink Frosting & Chocolatey Hearts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with moist and fudgy brownies topped with pink vanilla frosting and finished with a chocolatey heart. Perfect for sharing!

Product Information

two-bite brownies® Gingerbread Men Party Platter

A Christmas must have! Fudgy two-bite brownies topped with a sweet vanilla icing and finished with a chocolatey gingerbread man.

Product Information
(09258 CDN) - TB Gingerbread Man Topped Brownie Party Platter

two-bite brownies® Candy Cane Sprinkles Party Platter

Our classic brownie topped with a white and green vanilla frosting, finished with minty red candy cane sprinkles.

Product Information
09977 - TB Brownie Party Platter with Candy Cane Sprinkles

two-bite® Pecan Tarts Party Platter

A buttery tart shell holds a rich butter tart filling, complete with pecan pieces. A big taste in a mini size!

Product Information
(09252 CDN) - TB Pecan Tart Party Platter

two-bite brownies® Halloween with Ghost Sprinkles Party Platter

Moist and fudgy brownies topped with a delightfully spooky orange and black icing, complete with ghost sprinkles.

Product Information
(09995 US) - TB Brownie Party Platter (Ghosts)

two-bite® Daisy Brownies

Bring in spring with this eye catching and delicious brownie platter. Rich, chocolaty brownies with a vanilla icing daisy design.

Product Information
(09248 CDN) - TB Daisy Brownie Party Platter

two-bite® Everyday Celebration Brownies

Celebrate spring with our rich and chocolaty brownies, topped with fluffy vanilla icing and fun sprinkles!

Product Information
09984 US) - TB Celebration Brownie Party Platter