Not just for the cafe any more, are they? Certainly not-especially if they’re from two-bite®.
Just-right light, tender and sweet, they’re admittedly welcome on any breakfast plate, and tea time wouldn’t be the same without them.
But why not break loose a little with these little wonders? Consider a blueberry scone while you’re on the go. Or pull out some orange cranberry treats at a picnic. The perfect two-bite® size goes anywhere.

two-bite®Apple Spice Scones

A delicious scone made with real apple pieces and finished with a sweet glaze that is perfect for dessert or an anytime snack

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20118 - Two-Bite Apple Spice Scones - Sq. Tub - Pack

two-bite® Spiced Pumpkin Scones

Delicious pumpkin spice flavour in a soft tender scone making the perfect treat for the fall.

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20117 - Two-Bite Spiced Pumpkin Scones - Sq. Tub - Pack

two-bite® Vanilla Bean Scones

Soft, tender scones, flawlessly flavoured with just the right touch of vanilla-then blended with vanilla beans and enrobed in a sweet glaze.

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20124 - TB Vanilla Bean Scones - Sq Tub

two-bite® Caramel Toffee Scones

Delightfully sweet caramel scones with chewy toffee chips, perfectly complemented with a subtly sweet scone glaze.

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20123 - TB Caramel Toffee Scones - Sq Tub

two-bite® Blueberry Scones

Delicious scones, studded with wild blueberries and wrapped in a divine scone glaze. Go ahead, take another.

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two-bite® Lemon Poppyseed Scones

Can a scone taste like sunshine? Yes. This refreshing lemon scone is blended with poppyseeds and topped with a zesty lemon glaze.

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20122 - TB Lemon Poppyseed Scones - Sq Tub

two-bite® Orange Cranberry Scones

A terrific medley of tangy orange and tart cranberries in a bite-sized scone, topped with a sweet scone glaze. Mouth-watering!

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